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Rajaraman, R87 (2): 401407"On soliton propagation in biomembranes and nerves"^ Bona, J1988 Linn Mollenauer and his team transmitted soliton pulses over 4,000 kilometers using a phenomenon called the Raman effect, named after Sir C


Other solitons occur as the undersea internal waves, initiated by seabed topography, that propagate on the oceanic pycnocline23 (3): 438441(1844)Dunajski, MIf a wave is too big for the depth of water, it splits into two, one big and one small241 (4): 91927Examples of topological solitons include the screw dislocation in a crystalline lattice, the Dirac string and the magnetic monopole in electromagnetism, the Skyrmion and the WessZuminoWitten model in quantum field theory, the magnetic skyrmion in condensed matter physics, and cosmic strings and domain walls in cosmologyThe soliton phenomenon was first described in 1834 by John Scott Russell (18081882) who observed a solitary wave in the Union Canal in ScotlandIn his 1876 paper, Lord Rayleigh mentioned Scott Russell's name and also admitted that the first theoretical treatment was by Joseph Valentin Boussinesq in 1871


arXiv:hep-th/9709027G.; Scott, LCambridge University PressRather, a fluid parcel acquires momentum during the passage of the solitary wave, and comes to rest again after the passage of the waveScott Russell spent some time making practical and theoretical investigations of these wavesPhilosophical MagazineAuthority control NDL: 00576468 Thus, the differential equation solutions can be classified into homotopy classesWGeorge Biddell Airy and George Gabriel Stokes had difficulty accepting Scott Russell's experimental observations because they could not be explained by the existing water wave theories


A single, consensus definition of a soliton is difficult to findIn 1834, John Scott Russell describes his wave of translation.[nb 1] The discovery is described here in Scott Russell's own words:[nb 2]External links[edit]Yang, YThe polarization state of such a vector soliton could either be rotating or locked depending on the cavity parameters.[11] 2008 Ddoi:10.1016/0030-4018(87)90003-4Moreover, some scientists use the term soliton for phenomena that do not quite have these three properties (for instance, the 'light bullets' of nonlinear optics are often called solitons despite losing energy during interaction).[1]89: 125009The upper graph is for a frame of reference moving with the average velocity of the solitary wavesOther


101 (15): 153904Bions[edit]Retrieved 24 May 2011^ Heimburg, T., Jackson, A.D^ Gani, V.A.; Kudryavtsev, A.E.; Lizunova, M.A1998 Thierry Georges and his team at France Telecom R&D Center, combining optical solitons of different wavelengths (wavelength-division multiplexing), demonstrated a composite data transmission of 1 terabit per second (1,000,000,000,000 units of information per second), not to be confused with Terabit-EthernetPhysical Review LettersSolitons in fiber optics[edit]RSci

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